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Risk Assesment

  • 26 Apr 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • ZOOM


Ever been there? The project where we have to keep going to the client to ask for more money or more time, they are disappointed and maybe we have had vendors who disappoint us. What can help?

What about Risk Management? From building rockets at NASA to engineering marvels, all projects have a risk management component. Why not apply these best practice approaches to the world of design?

In this 1.5-2-hour session, we will cover: identifying different types of risk, the dangers of assumptions, how to prioritize risks, how to develop risk strategies and how to be more proactive rather than reactive in planning for uncertainties. This is really all about meeting client expectations.

Some benefits that you will realize immediately include:

  • Everyone will know what risks could be encountered on the project

  • You will have a plan to get things back on track when problems arise

  • You will feel more in control and less like you are constantly “putting out fires”

Presented By:

Priscilla Bahrey, PMP

As a skilled project manager, speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach, Priscilla has a passion for helping people. Drawing on over 20 years of experience leading teams and designing and delivering training, Priscilla is skilled at building competencies within individuals and organizations. Known for her down-to earth approach, excellent communication skills and dynamic public speaking abilities, Priscilla is able to engage and inspire, both virtually and in person.

Many leaders across north America, from front-line managers to senior executives, have been inspired by her relatable style and real-life examples. She creates lasting organizational and personal change through coaching in the application of new techniques and concepts, along with practical examples.

Her gift is her ability to engage people to maximize their personal effectiveness.

As a PMP certified consultant, Priscilla brings experience gained through various consulting engagements in finance, government, technology, oil and gas, higher education, and engineering sectors. Priscilla has successfully led teams through transition and supported clients through organizational change. She has developed, coordinated and facilitated employee training and leadership development programs for junior, middle and senior managers. She has also communicated and documented project management processes and roles across organizations.

Intercultural experience: Priscilla’s experience with different cultures improves her ability to relate with diverse cultures and backgrounds. Having lived in the Dominican Republic and Mexico for a number of years, Priscilla incorporates experiences and embraces diversity with those she leads.

Areas of expertise: Needs assessment, risk management, leadership development, communication, coaching, new employee orientation, conflict resolution and managing change.

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